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Welcome... Music Supervisors and Editors to a great new place. Here you can find the very best in new and original music of many styles from all around the planet with lyrics you can understand and rhythms you can connect with. Need a great replacement for a temp track? Then look no further. Download the music you like, pre-cleared and priced right. All styles, genres, sound-a-likes…

The mission of GotchaMusic.Com is to help make music professional’s lives easier and more enjoyable. We specifically service the Film/TV Media industry. While nurturing our new and seasoned talent. This gives them an outlet and a reason to continue to make memorable music.

To the Film/TV & Media Companies -

Gotchamusic.Com works in alliance with The Westwood Music Group. Together they are an excellent source for finding the very best music available for your next project. On time, within your budget. One stop clearance, and friendly professional service.

Westwood Music Group / Gotcha Music are the exclusive administrators of the Carival Records 60’s Soul catalog which include early Manhattans Tracks