Songwriters Tool Kit

Written by veteran songwriter and music publisher Steve Willoughby

If it weren't complicated enough, the music business has expanded into new technological horizons like the internet, digital downloads, streaming audio, sampling, ringtones, etc., making it increasingly difficult for the unpublished songwriter to protect against piracy and theft, and/or collect for hundreds of potential usage's. Fortunately, simple, inexpensive steps can be taken to guard and legally 'protect' your property! The "SONGWRITERS TOOL KIT" is an easy to use guide designed to protect your song(s) and maximize your earning abilities as a songwriter. For beginner or advanced, the "Tool Kit" takes you step by step thru the necessities required to advance your songwriting career- a 'MUST HAVE' for the serious songwriter!


* How to copyright your songs

Form(s) to use/directions for preparing your song(s) for submission. Addresses, telephone numbers, websites, and e-mails to get your song(s) copyrighted.

* Music Organizations (Performance Rights Societies)
Organizations to consider joining for additional protection/registration of song(s), clearance, etc. By joining one of these performance rights societies, you can receive royalties they collect if monies are due to you for Radio/TV Film performances, downloads, internet and much more. We include addresses and how to obtain registration forms.

* Music terms glossary
A short and concise list of important words professional songwriter's and music publishers use- speak the language!

* Protection
You can actually receive legal assistance from a Performing Rights Society in the case of infringement.

* Why copyright?

Find out why radio/television broadcasters and media companies will not work with a song unless it is copyrighted.

* Demo Copyright Form
You can be on hold with the government for an hour waiting for instructions- now you won't have to call. We've filled out a demo form-simply replace our information with yours!

Quotes about the "SONGWRITERS TOOL KIT

"I was paying for individual songs and didn't know I can copyright a whole collection for the same price. The Songwriters Tool Kit just saved me $270.00!" - Mike C, Pearl River, New York

"The Songwriter's Tool Kit is simple and to the point- really a very quick fix if you want to get up and running quickly." - Joe J, Roanoke, VA

"I got the Songwriters Tool Kit and joined one of the Performance Rights Societies they recommended. I just got a check for $600 for one of my songs. Thank you!" - John S, Lambertville, NJ

The valuable information provided in the "Songwriter's Tool Kit" is worth hundreds$$$ of dollars and is GUARANTEED to eliminate guesswork and save you time. But NOW, the "SONGWRITERS TOOL KIT" which has sold for years at $39.99 is available RIGHT HERE for as little as $14. WOW, isn't the internet great!

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Music Business Contacts!!!
REAL companies that we have worked with in the past that will listen, publish and promote your music if it meets their criteria and needs. We include the contact person, their e-mail and mailing addresses. We'll also explain how to professionally submit your songs to any or all of these companies.


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