How to become a member of GOTCHAMUSIC.COM

- It's Very Easy

1. Fill out our submission Form with your name, address etc. Please describe your CD the way you want it displayed on our site. Keep it short and colorful.

2. Mail us just 4 CDS for start-up. One should be opened so we can obtain access to the graphics and audio files. We will keep this one in our library.

3. When we sell your CD we will send you a check and ask for more.

What We Do

· We make a web page dedicated to showcasing your CD. This includes your cover on, with the purpose of exposing & SELLING YOUR CD. It includes 3 (60) second sound clips, Real Audio & MP3 Files, and a short description of your music.

· We give this page an easy web address where you can tell people to buy your CD. (

· We put it in the galleries and search engines at-GotchaMusic.Com which gets thousands of hits a day from people who are looking for new independent CDs to buy! Including music professionals such as Film/Music Publishing Companies.

· We take all credit card orders for your CD, online or through our toll-free phone number, and ship it to them within hours!

· We Email you every time your CD is sold to tell you who purchased it!

How We Pay

· You set your selling price

· We keep 50% per CD ( we pay for packaging & shipping )

· We pay within ( 7 ) Business days

· There is a one-time charge of $35.00 to set up a NEW! CD in our store (After receipt of the CD, it takes us 10 business days to enter your new album into our web site.)


· This is totally non-exclusive. There are no contracts to sign.

· We will warehouse your CD as long as you want us to.

· You don't need a UPC barcode

· We report sales to SoundScan if you have a UPC code

· We will sell home-made CD-R as long as it looks & sounds professional. They don't need to be shrink-wrapped.

· To become a music partner with please fill out submission form, and send 4 CDs + $35.00 Check or M.O. made payable to Gotcha It's as simple as that!


· We are a smaller selective store that will grow slowly. Your CD won't get lost in an ocean of product. Your music will be easier to access.

· We work closely with all the major Film/TV Companies and their Music Supervisors. Your music could end up on a sound track.

· Gotcha Music is an established BMI/ASCAP music publisher with strong contacts in the industry. We publish and promote great songs to the world. Do you have one?

· We can offer professional feedback and guidance to the serious songwriter. Click on SONGWRITER SERVICE for more information